Wow, It’s been a very long time…

I have been so busy with so much, I’ve neglected my site. I plan to make some updates about my current projects in the very near future.

So, what have I been up to?

  • Graduated with a B. Tech degree (May 2011, GPA 3.95) in Graphic and Multimedia Design
  • Transitioned from Peer Tutor to Professional Tutor. Teaching is great! I’m learning as much from my students as they are learning from me.
  • Helped some local businesses with their websites. It feels great to take a handful of ideas and organize it into a comprehensible nice looking layout with logical controls. It is so satisfying to help clients realize the potential of the web and multimedia. It’s like we are living in the future, so much is possible now. Business advertising is more than a sign outside of your brick and mortar shop, joining the chamber of commerce, or putting ads in the paper – with a site, you can reach the world!
  • Re-enrolled in college to study four year Mechanical Engineering, and having so much fun with it. Math is so awesome, I can’t decide whether I love calculus or trigonometry more. Seriously.
  • Received a National Science Foundation S-STEM scholarship, which covers my entire tuition and books, yay!
  • Became a commissioned photographer for a local small business which produces aprons. The models are great, the products beautiful. I sort of feel guilty for charging to do what I love, but not that guilty :)
  • Currently working on some 3D printing projects, including a DSLR camera lens and a (secret-for-now) prototype for a local startup. 3D design is so amazing, it’s hard to believe that you can produce a model on the computer and then PRINT it. I think that’s so cool!
  • Learned how to play with a wood lathe, and currently learning how to use a CNC metal lathe, which is possibly the coolest thing after 3D printing. In class, we are creating a ball peen hammer from start to finish. Cutting steel and watching the chips fly is amazing. Going from simple computer commands to a real tangible object really helps illustrate what I do to people that aren’t in my field.
  • Created some new jewelry designs with some featuring four leaf clovers. Everyone needs a little bit of extra good luck, right?

Phew, that’s a long list. I need to update more often… “No more neglect, more efficiency, and more frequent updates” is my new mantra. Let’s see how long that lasts… I’m so occupied currently by taking 20 credit hours and tutoring and working on my extra projects.

I need more hours in the day, or a clone, or a very competent assistant [or two] – to handle my calls, carry my books, deal with various miscellany – inquire via the contact form ^_^. I pay well depending on experience [though not necessary] and/or drive to succeed. You must be willing to relocate to Northern New York. Totally kidding… though wouldn’t that be nice?

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