Vintage Camera Poster

Vintage Camera Poster

I recently moved into a new house and needed some decoration for my bare walls. I decided to create a series of grunge-ified vintage camera images. Vintage cameras are one of my favorite subjects to photograph, look at and collect, they are so mechanically interesting and beautiful.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many vintage cameras, and the photographer I work with that has the images I worked on was busy, so I did a search for images, and extensively manipulated them to create a screen print effect, to which I added detailed grunge backgrounds and some film and ttv style frames.

I printed them all out on letter-sized paper and planned my composition. It was quite the ordeal, it took up a large area on the floor, and keeping similar cameras away from each other while dealing with which way each camera was facing, and the amount of contrast in the photo were all things that had to be considered. I shuffled papers around until it was perfect. Sometimes tangible photos are more satisfying to move around than some pixels on the screen. Then I recreated and modified the composition in Photoshop, and added color. I was then just going to mount the images on my walls… then I realized I had 25 photos, which meant 25 frames, and 25 little holes in my rented walls. New solution, collage print.

But I’m not impressed with pre-made ready to order collage prints, I wanted to keep my original composition. So I saved the huge file and started looking for places that produce posters… I wanted something bigger than the standard enlargement sizes. The largest poster size I found was 40×60 inches- which is huge! and big enough to fill my wall. Well maybe it’s too big… we’ll see. And I have to make a frame, I can’t imagine how expensive a pre-made frame would be… or if they even exist… but I’m not scared of a mitre saw, so it should be a breeze.

About Diana

Diana creates from her studio in Northern New York. She recently graduated with a B.Tech degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design. During her off hours, she attends SUNY Canton as a Mechanical Engineering major and tutor for the Graphic and Multimedia Design program.
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