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Diana Norman Designs is the culmination of many diverse and time honored techniques used to transform inspiration into works of art.

The jewelry collection incorporates many different materials, the most popular being preserved genuine flowers and four leaf clovers. Each unique, undying piece of nature is protected by a coating of clear epoxy, capturing it’s vibrancy at it’s peak and allowing it to be durable enough to wear everyday. A design can range from a fusion of pearls, semi-precious gems, crystal and glass to a piece made entirely of tiny seed beads or to jewelry completely consisting of interlocking wire rings. The original art pendants start as blank computer files or digital photographs which are digitally painted, manipulated, printed, hand set individually, and finally protected with a coating of protective resin. The clear and durable poly-based charms are prepared by hand exclusively, each one is embellished separately from start to finish.

About Diana


I am a traditional and digital artist, a graphic designer, jewelry creator and web programmer. And currently branching out to mechanical and possibly civil engineering. My designs capture a part of me and my life experiences of being a curious craftsperson who started at a very young age.

I remember being fascinated by all the beautiful things my Mother brought with us to the US from Seoul, South Korea. I grew up near Lancaster County, Pa, and no locally available items could compare to the massive china closet adorned with fantastic creatures completely inlaid with mother of pearl and fiery eyes that looked like rubies.

My Mom would spark my curiosity by turning yarn and string into sweaters, she also drew the most amazing anime style characters, and would fold little pieces of paper into origami flowers. What kept my interest was that she didn’t want me to learn those things, as they “were a waste of time.” So I would watch and try on my own, I remember begging to learn crochet and knitting until I cried uncontrollably. She gave in.

A designer was born as she showed me how to do the stitches, never relying on a pattern. Working and figuring things out as she went along. She was amazing. She encouraged me to try on my own, and I did so without using patterns. My Mom helped me to transform pictures into methods of making tangible objects from deteriorated Korean origami books. The rest is a blur of creative trial and error, the successful pieces end up on this site, as the unsuccessful wait patiently for their time to shine.

I currently create all my artwork in my studio in Northern New York. I attended university a year early for pre-med studies and have been here ever since. The winters here are harsh and the summers can be brutal, but spring and fall are so beautiful it’s almost worth it.

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