Jewelry Creation Process

My process of creation is a journey. It starts with inspiration, from where, can change greatly depending upon my mood. Sometimes it comes from a certain combination of colors, or the shapes of clouds, fibers in a skein of yarn, or shadows playing amongst the grass. Inspiration is a striking thing that stops all previous streams of thought and consumes me as an artist.

The supplies and techniques may vary, but the intent is always the same — to translate that spark of inspiration into something tangible so that others might share in at least a little of my experience. There are no formulas, rules, or rituals to instruct me how to proceed; so I let the tools and materials guide my hands to turn the raw goods into wearable, beautiful art.

The journey doesn’t end in a wearable piece, it continues along with the step of presentation, taking a turn in front of a digital eye so that it can be shared with others from all over the world. That digital photograph must be enhanced to bring out the vibrance of the physical piece that the camera failed to capture. From amongst the world wide audience, an admirerer may decide to be an owner. The final part of the journey is from it’s creator to it’s new owner, where it will continue it’s journey as a treasured adornment.

Creation Techniques Used For My Wearable Art

  • Digital and Traditional Drawing and Painting
  • Wire Work
  • Wire Sculpture
  • Knitting or Crochet with Thread, Beads, Cord, or Wire
  • Macrame and various Knotting Techniques
  • Embroidery
  • Wood Burning
  • Collage Assembly and Image Manipulation
  • Stained Glass Work
  • Handling Various Tools – Pliers, Cutters, Drills, Hammers
  • Use of Epoxies, Adhesives, and Resins
  • Beadweaving
  • Pearl Knotting
  • Wire Wrapping
  • Bead Stringing
  • Chainmaille
  • Digital Photography
  • Finding Alternative Uses for Mundane Objects